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The Healthcare profession owe you a ‘duty of care’ whereby you entrust them to provide you with the best possible advice. If you feel that they have been in breach of this, please contact us and speak to our Clinical negligence team. Whether it be a medical profession through private healthcare or the NHS, we can help you determine if you should take further action and be compensated by them. We aim to rebuild your life and help you recover every step of the way.

For further information on Clinical negligence claims, please click here.please click here.

If you have worked in a an environmental which has resulted in health problems, please contact our team to find out if your are entitled to make a claim. it is common for industrial disease injuries to be as a result of an unsafe and unclean working environment, which can result in conditions as such chronic back pain due to heavy lifting, repetitive strain injury, dermatitis, asthma, asbestos and vibration white finger. We can help you on the road to recovery and ensure that you are able to support your loved ones.

For further information on Industrial disease claims, please click here.

At work, stress is a major issue and can often go unnoticed. If you feel that you are working in an environment which has resulted and stress, please contact us for free, no obligation advice on whether we can help you.

For further information on occupational stress claims, please click here.